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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Top 10 Most Powerful Countries

  Every country in the world is hungry of power. Some countries have atomic power, some have big army, some have resources and some have man power. In the following there is a list of top 10 most powerful countries which is obtain after concluding all the factors,

1. The United States of America

USA is the largest economy country which also has the strongest army as well as a very powerful democracy. USA is said to be the superpower of world. USA has built itself since it gained independence and is only getting more powerful. USA also controls international relations and is a part of a number of influential bodies.

 2. Russian Federation

The Russian Federation has the second most powerful army. It has a very large population and largest country of world by area. Due to these factors Russian Federation stay independent and prevent external forces from meddling in the political, economic and financial issues of the country. Russia has a number of resources to become a superpower.

 3. Peoples Republic of China

Peoples Republic of China is said to have the 4th largest GNP in the world. China has the number one man power in the world. Due to its industry, China is going towards the strongest economy day by day.It has a large army and immense potential to become the most powerful country in the world.

 4. France

France is a member of the UN Security Council and the fifth most powerful country in the world. France is a great nuclear power and influences many African nations. The French have a large army which helps in maintaining law and order.

 5. Great Britain

Britain is also member of the UN Security Council. Britain also have powerful nuclear weapons. The democracy of Britain is considered to be the most stable. Economy and as a leading country in areas like music, films and media, the country has immense influence when it comes to world politics.



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