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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Top 10 Most Visited Websites

There are billions of websites in the world today and hundreds and thousands new are adding daily. A dozens of websites prevailed for a long time on the internet and ruled over the www web. But ultimately many of them did fall off after some years of doing business because they did not pre planned all the business well. These websites have got the premium position and ranking and at the top of all millions of loyal readership and regular users who have made them get this entire milestone to get the name of the most visited websites.
10. QQ

 QQ is the most popular social networking website with instant online messenger and a website based in Mainland, China. QQ has more than 800 Million active users with the most active QQ users at time exceeded 100 Million in World. Almost it drives 1,092,194,208 page impressions daily with a net worth of $788 Million and the Alexa rank of 10.
9. Twitter

 Twitter is also an online social networking most visited website service which enables users to post tweets of up to 140 characters called tweets. Twitter launched in 2006 now holds the record of more than 200 Million most actively participating twitter users tweeting daily. It provides an ultimate best way to interact the celebrities with their fans and followers. With daily page impressions of 253,299,926 twitter gets on the 9th spot in most visited websites. The net worth of Twitter is $1.1 Billion with a Alexa rank of 9.
8. Windows Live

 Microsoft is everywhere on the lead and it did not let pass any one in any case. The Windows live is the collective brand website for mostly all the web services provided by Microsoft for its valuable customers and readers all over the world. It has a Alexa rank of 8 with 684,728,105 daily page views and the net worth of this popular website is $1.3 Billion. It also offers some premium services for free like sky drive which provides online 25GB of free data storage.
7. Blogger

 Blogger is a blog publishing tool by Google and the website got a huge popularity as it is offering free self hosted blogs worldwide offering the bloggers and online marketers a wide variety of free blogs and save money to spread their voice to the world and the public. The website “Blogger” almost get 624,202,064 daily page impressions and has a Alexa rank of 6 was launched in 2003 and is still really popular among people under Google Blogs. The net worth of this a gigantic visited website is $1.4 Billion.
6. Wikipedia

 Wikipedia is one of the biggest free and web based encyclopedia covering all the news related to almost anything. The Wikipedia website is funded and supported by Wikimedia Foundation which runs on public and international donation for the awesome workers and researchers who have made this website the most visited website on earth. Wikipedia drives 313,997,828 page views daily with a net worth of $1.5 Billion.



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