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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Top 10 Largest Banks in the World

Banks are considered to be the backbone of economic condition of any country. The list is arranged and manipulated in the manner to keep in mind the stability and economical gross progress of these banks. America has best economy in the world but still they don’t have top positions. On the other hand China has top two positions as they are fastly growing towards the best country in the World
10. The Commonwealth Bank

The Common Wealth Bank in Australia was founded in 1911 and started its operation in 1912 to conduct a great business regarding savings and general purposes. The Bank has been offering a good deal of services and monetary help regarding Australian citizens. Commonwealth bank of Australia has a total market capitalization of  $82.62 Billion.
9. CitiGroup

The CitiGroup of America has been the largest banking network in the world having branches in over 140 countries. The Citigroup has a total market capitalization of $86.67 Billion
8. Itau UniBanco

It is amazing that Brazil has the the Number 8th Largest Bank in the world. The Itau UniBanco Holdings are known to be the greatest in Southern part of the world. The Itau UniBanco bank has a total market capitalization of $88.18 Billion
7. Bank of China

The Bank of China is the official government sector bank of China. . They did make and authorized Peoples Bank of China as the main bank to issue notes in the country. The total Market capitalization of bank of china now is $102.8Billion
6. JP Morgan Chase

The JP Morgan Chase bank got the 6th spot in the largest bank in the world. The bank has made some good distinctions in the era and worked well for the betterment of the economy of US. The total Market capitalization of JP Morgan Chase is $110 Billion

5. Agricultural Bank of China

The Agricultural Bank of China was made in 1951 and started operating the same year. he bank proved to be the best support and help for farmers of China and provided them easy money lending and borrowing. It holds it own position for its services. The Market Capitalization of Agricultural bank is $141.72 Billion
4. HSBC Holdings

HSBC as we already know is the most famous name in the banking industry. The HSBC holdings are strongest economical platforms in UK. The HSBC Holdings has a total market capitalization of $150.90 Billion
3. Wells Fargo & Co.

The Wells Fargo and Company is the established United States Company and the Well Fargo & Co. It has been stabilizing and supporting America’s economic growth for years. The market capitalization for Wells Fargo & Co bank is about $160.72 Billion
2. China Construction Bank

China Construction Bank made  China again come to the 2nd spot. It is also declared as the 12th Biggest and Largest Corporate in the world. It has a total market capitalization of $195.85 Billion.
1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

China again grabs the top position in the largest banks in the world. The Industrial and Commercial bank of china was established in 1984 and kept on progressing till date.. The Bank has total Market Capitalization of $240.95 Billion  



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