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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Top 10 First People to Join Facebook

Facebook is the largest Social Network in the World and it has more than 850+Million users in their database. Here is the List of Top 10 First People to Join Facebook and the weirdest thing is that no girl is in this top 10 list.
10. Mark Kaganovich
Old Profile ID: /profile.php?id=28
Mark Kaganovich was a Harvard Student and he had acquaintances with many of the early Facebooker users but he had been the friend of David Hammer who told him to join Facebook but strangely, David Hammer Himself did joined facebook later.
9. Colin Kelly
Old Profile ID: /profile.php?id=27
Again the same thing, Colin was a great Friend of David and of course they were the reason to make him join this grand social network in the beginning.
8. Andrew Mccollum
Old Profile ID: /profile.php?id=26
Andrew Mccollum was obviously again a Harvard Student and Mark Zukerburg class fellow in the Operating System. Zukerburg asked his mate to design the logo for the Facebook and yes he himself invited this guy to join the Facebook.
7. Chris Putnam
Old Profile ID: /profile.php?id=13
Chris Putnam used to be in Georgia University and he was the first guy to sign up at Facebook who was outside from Harvard. So many people assume that he was a great hacker and when he saw a bug and checked out empty pots in the 10 first users.
6. Soleio Cuervo
Old Profile ID: /profile.php?id=11
Soleio Cuervo was a Harvard Student and he was a class fellow of the co-founder and his best mate too. He invited Soleio Cuervo and he readily accepted his invitation of joining it.
5. Marcel Georgs Laverdet II
Old Profile ID: /profile.php?id=10
Marcel Georgs Laverdet is also thought to be the same kind of Hacker like Chris. He was a student of LSU and had no connections at Harvard. As there no one knew facebook outside Harvard. It is said that he got the id by a hack and got a way to get fame as to get in the top 10 first people that join
4. Arie Hasit
Old  Profile ID: /profile.php?id=7
Arie Hasit was the first non – founder of the Facebok to join the social Network. He joined Facebook on the invitation of David Hammer.
3. Dustin Moskovitz
Old  Profile ID: /profile.php?id=6
Dustin Moskovitz was a good mate of David Hammer and the room fellow of Zukerburg, so he was also the co-founder of Facebook as the three students all were in the plan of making Facebook.
2. Chris Hughes
Old Profile ID: /profile.php?id=5
CHris Hughes was one of the Co-Founders of the Facebook and it sure that all the three roommates of the dorm of Harvard join first and then invited other university fellows to join them too.
1. Mark Zukerburg
Old Profile ID: /profile.php?id=4
 Mark Zukerburg was the Founder of Facebook so he was the first to join Facebook. Many people will be amazed to see the URL of his profile that who were the first three people to join Facebook as his profile id is 4,actually he himself made three test accounts to check if it was working fine.



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