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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Top 10 Boxers of All Time

There were many big names in the sport of boxing. Boxing is game of power, stamina, courage and hope. In the following we have list of top 10 boxers of all time, which are chosen because of their solid affirmation of their supremacy during the time of their reign as champions.

1. Sugar Ray Robinson (179 W, 19 L, 109 KO)

Sugar Ray Robinson (May 3, 1921 – April 12, 1989) made his professional debut on October 4, 1940. Sugar Ray Robinson is admittedly the hands down choice of top boxer of all time and to this date, no one comes close of surpassing or even equaling his achievement as a boxer.

2. Muhhamed Ali (56 W, 5 L, 37 KO)

Muhhamed Ali (Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky) had an unorthodox style for a heavyweight boxer relying on foot speed and quickness to avoid punches and carried his hands low.  Muhammad will come down in boxing history as one of the greatest human being that has fought in the square canvas.

3. Henry Armstrong  (150 W, 21 L, 101 KO)

Henry Jackson Jr.,(born December 12, 1912) was the only boxer to hold three world championships at the same time. These titles included the Featherweight, Lightweight, and Welterweight crowns. He also defended the Welterweight championship more times than any other fighter.

4. Julio Cesar Chavez (104 W, 5 L,  80 KO)

Julio Cesar Chavez was born on July 12, 1962 in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico. He is the ultimate Mexican champion of all time. He began boxing as an amateur at the age of sixteen and had demolished practically all the top fighters during his time. He went on to fight for 13 years with a unblemished record.

5. Joe Louis (68 W, 3 L, 54 KO)

Joseph Louis Barrow  (May 13, 1914–April 12, 1981) nicknamed the Brown Bomber, he is considered to be one of the greatest in boxing history. Among his numerous victories Louis coined two of boxing’s most famous quotes: “He can run, but he can’t hide” and “Everyone has a plan until they’ve been hit.”

6. Roy Jones (49 W, 3 L, 38 KO)

Roy Jones (born January 16, 1969.) selection may raise not a few eyebrows as there are a lot of skeptics on the circumstances of his being propelled to championship status. Jones started his rap music career in 2001 with his successful album, titled Round One: The Album and the debut single, “You all Must’ve Forgot”.

7. Archie Moore (181 W, 24 L, 145 KO)

Archie Moore’s (December 13, 1913 – December 9, 1998). impressive and superhuman career record, the Old mongoose could well have been the greatest. His fighting career spanned all four decades and has knocked out more fighters than any of the other great fighters in this top 10 list.

8. Marvin Hagler (62 W, 3 L, 52 KO)

Marvin Hagler (born  in Newark, New Jersey, May 23, 1954) felt that he did not receive enough credit for his accomplishments, Hagler legally changed his name to Marvelous Marvin Hagler. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest middleweights of all time. Later in life he moved to Italy, where he made low budget movies.

9. Sugar Ray Leonard (36 W, 3 L, 25 KO)

Sugar Ray Leonard (born May 17, 1956.) is an epitome of a scientific fighter and a genius on top of the ring. He can get into the minds of his opponent to inflict the most serious jabs to bring them to submission. One of the most memorable of all is the infamous “no mas” episode with Roberto Duran.

10. George Foreman (76 W, 5 L, 68 KO)

George Foreman (born January 05, 1949)has always been haunted by his own ghost. After his triumphal rise to fame, his crashing defeat in the hands of Ali has left him devastated more on the spirit than on his physical side. He has named  all five of his sons George because: “In this career, you have to prepare for long term brain damage.”



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