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Friday, 23 November 2012

Top 10 Largest Islands In The World

Earth consists of 70 % water and 30% land. In 30 % there are some lands which are surrounded by water. There are many islands in the world. All of them have fantastic and amazing beauty. Heart breaking sun sets, fascinating moon light and cool breezes make them a perfect place to visit. In the following there is list of top 10 largest islands of the world,

10. Ellesmere Island:
 The island of Ellesmere is located in Canada.  This island is branch of Qikiqtaaluk region. Most of the area is covered with glaciers and ice. Most part of this island is covered by water; there are some places where land exists.  Ares of this island is 196,236 kilometer square.

9. Great Britain:
Great Britain is located in the Europe. It is one of most important and modern country in Europe. Great Britain still have a queen also it have a parliament. There are many other small islands in surrounding of this island. Great Britain is ranked number 3 in population according to area. Area covered by this island is 209,331 square k.m.

8. Victoria Island:

The island of Victoria is also located in Canada. This island is named after Queen Victoria. It is second biggest island in Canada. It has a stunning and beautiful view. It also have mountains in the central part called Shaler Mountains. Area of this island is 217,291 kilometer square.

7. Honshu:
The island of Honshu is sited in Japan and is the main island of Japan. A great number of tourists come here every year. It is mainland of Japan and early history of Japan took place here. It also has the highest mountain of Japan named “Mount Fiji”. Area of this island is 225,800 square kilometers.

6. Sumatra:
Sumatra is located in west of Indonesia. It is also a tourist spot. It has beautiful view and lot of palm trees. There are many resorts and hotels for tourists. The width of this island is 435 kilometers at centre point. Are of this island is 443,066 square kilometers.

5. Baffin Island:

The island of Baffin is Canada’s largest island. It is situated on the east side of Baffin Bay ahead of the Greenland Island. This island has two large lakes. The population of this island is approx 15,000. It also has mountains. Area of this island is 507,451 kilometer squares.

4. Madagascar:
The island of Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean parallel to the South-Eastern coast of Africa. It has population of 20 million. This Island is full of natural resources. This island is also a tourist spot; people travel from all over the world to Madagascar for fun.  Area of this island is 587,713 kilometer square.

3. Borneo:
Borneo is situated in the North of Australia. Borneo is being divided between three Muslim countries; Indonesia has 73% land, Malaysia has 26% and Islamic kingdom of Brunei have 1% of land. This island has endless beauty with having a large number of trees. Area of this island is 748,168 kilometer squares

2. New Guinea:
New Guinea is also located in the area of Indonesia in the Pacific Ocean. Most of area in this island is consist of mountains. The population of this island is approx 7.5 million. Total area of this island is 785,753 kilometers square.

1. Greenland:
The island of Greenland is situated in the kingdom of Denmark between the Arctic and Atlantic Ocean. Climate of this island is mostly cold. Most of the area is covered by snow all the time. Population of this island is 56,749.  Area of this island is 2,130,800 kilometer squares



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