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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Top 10 Inventions of the 21st Century

Today’s human is living in a modern era. Technology rules everywhere. Our ancestors use their feet and animals to travel from one place to another but today we are using planes and cars to move fast. Man power is replaced by machines and robots. All this is just possible due to inventions of technology. In the following there is list of top 10 inventions of 21 century,

10. Robotics 

Scientists have been working on robots from while, but in the twenty-first century they really come up with great results. Robots truly become more common and useful in today’s world. Performing everything from fire-fighting to carpentry, military applications are even more promising, with robots being used to clear mine fields. But still they’ll be dependent upon human beings for their programming and maintenance after all

9. Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the one of the greatest revolution of human race. With help DNA you can choose a better life partner for you. Parents can find eye color, hair color, height and many other things about their unborn child. Anyone can find about their ancestors and their motherland due to DNA. In the future many more doors will be open for human due to genetic engineering.

8. Hypersonic Transportation

The airplane revolutionized travel in the twentieth century.  There is no reason to believe that evolution to ever faster speeds is going to end anytime soon. In the future people will be able to fly between London and Tokyo at Mach 10 speeds and arrive at their destination in just over two hours. Today’s train can go up to 700 miles per hour. Technology has bring many new and more fast ways of travel for human.

7. Free Energy

Nature has given many sources of energy like oil, natural gas, coal, etc.  By the end of the century most of our resources will be end. At this time energy is biggest problem of every nation in world. Today, there are several other and different sources like geo-thermal, wind, biomass, clean coal, nuclear and solar energy.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence makes a robot do daily chores around the house. Artificial intelligence will make machines and robots actually to be capable of learning, planning, deciding, considering, comparing, aligning and even abstract thinking. A.I. will be the next big advance in technology and it could appear at a primordial stage within the next few decades. 

5. Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a fascinating technology.  The microscopically small, self-replicating machines capable of puncturing the walls of a single human cell may well be a reality a few decades from now. As a next big step in human evolution, their ability to effect repairs on the human body on a microscopic level as well as repair or enhance other non-organic technologies.

4. Human Cloning

Human cloning is process in creation of a genetically identical copy of a human People won’t necessarily make carbon copies of themselves just for fun, but as a means of replacing faulty organs and regenerating lost limbs if u got a bad ticker, you can grow a new one in a flask in a few weeks and then have the old one replaced. Life spans of two or even three hundred years might be within reach through this method.

3. Antigravity

Antigravity is technically not possible, but the creation of monopoles (magnets that have only one pole). Once it is possible, wheels will be a thing of the past as everything will ride on a cushion of magnetic fields, with propulsion being afforded by merely pointing your craft the direction you want to go and letting the magnetic forces of the Earth itself do all the work. Now, if we could only figure out a way to stop the thing once it got going.

2. Automation

Automation is form of robotics. Automation can do from airliners and factories to fighter planes and warships. Today most of the manufacturing factories are using automated systems which replaced the human power. Relay, PLC,s and SCADA technology brings new revolution to the industrial world.

1. Hydrogen Powered Cars

Electrical cars and hybrids will be the short-term norm, but they will find considerable competition coming from hydrogen-powered vehicles, that will have the same power as fossil-fuel sucking counterparts but run on hydrogen and leave only water vapor in their wakes. Not that you would get to drive the things, of course. 



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