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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Top 10 Oldest Trees in the World

 In the world there are many beauties of nature. Tree is also one of the gifts of nature to the human race. Trees make the world beautiful and give us the most important and necessary thing for human and that is Oxygen. In the following there is a list top 10 oldest trees in the world,

10. The Patriarch – 3,000 years

The Patriarch is one of the oldest trees in the world, which is also known as The Patriarca da Foresta or the Patriarch of the Forest located in Brazil. It lies is in the National Park Vassunuga. The Patriarch is the oldest tree brazil.

9. Jardine Juniper – 3,200

Jardine Juniper was discovered by Maurice Blood Linford in 1923 while she was studying at Utah State Agricultural College. It lies under the Juniperus scopulorum species which are found in Cache National Forest. Its height is 40 feet  and its circumference measurement is 7.21 meters. According to history, its existence began during the life of the early pioneers who entered in Cache Valley. People love to visit the tree during summer season while taking a hike.

8. The Senator – 3,400 – 3500

 The height of The Senator is 125 feet and it’s found at the Big Tree Park in Longwood, Florida. It has served as the main landmark of people who are living within the Central Florida. After the partial damage that it received in 1925 hurricane, it has lived more years since it has only affected its original height of 165 feet or 50m.

7. Alerce – 3, 500

 Alerce is located in Chile also oldest tree of the country. It is considered a miracle because the land where the tree is found has been untouched for the last 3,500 years which has preserved the natural surroundings from any attempt of modern development. It has maintained its natural color green, and its bark chestnut color. The wood of the tree is impermeable,   reddish, soft, and light.

6. Elia Bouybon, Olive Tree of Vouves – 3500-4000 years

Elia Bouybon is the oldest olive tree living in the world. According to the scientist of the University of Crete that it is 15feet thick from the base, and it approximately exists for about 3,500 to 4,000 years old. This tree is located in Ano Vouves in Crete. Amazing thing is that this tree still produces fruits.

5. Llangernyw Yew – 4,000

Llangernyw Yew is also known as Taxus Baccata which is found in the village of Llangernyw in the North Wales, and its approximate age is actually between 4,000 to 5,000 years old. It was included in National Heritage of the country by Queen Elizabeth I. The unique characteristic of the tree is its three main trunks split-off in opposite directions fascinate the visitor.

4. Sarv-e-Abarkooh – 4,000

Sarv-e-Abarkooh is one of the unique tourist attractions in Iran The people of Iran have a high respect to the tree since its record of existence is about 4,000 years. It becomes a part of their culture, history, and has symbolic meaning to their life. It height is 25 meters while its circumference is about 18 meters. Also known as Zoroastrian Sarv which is exactly located in Abarkuh in Yazd, Iran.

3. Methuselah – 4843 years old

This tree is a bristle-pine cone which is also known as Methuselah which actually stands on Methuselah Alley in Nevada. Its approximate age is in between 4844 and 4845 years old. It actually grows 9,500 to 9800. The approximate age was done through the sample given by Tom Harlan and Edmund Schulman.

2. Prometheus – 5,000 years 

Prometheus has lived 5,000 years after its termination in 1964 after a foolish permission given to Donald Currey who was a graduating student during that time for scientific research, although he had discovered that its actually oldest that everyone was thinking during that time. Because of the wrong decisions and research, this generation would never be able to see, and even touch the tree.

1. Sunland Baobab – 6,000 years 

 Sunland Baobab is the oldest tree in the world that exists for about 6,000 years located in the Sunland Farm in Limpopo Province of South Africa. It is also called as Mooketsi Baobab, Platland Baobab, Big Baobab, Pub Tree, and Tree Bar. It became popular because of its hollowed trunk, and a wine cellar built inside. Its height is about 22 meters and a circumference of 47 meters..



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