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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Top 10 Fastest Trains in the World

Trains have been the oldest way of transport. Initially trains made were not to fast compare to today’s trains. With the advancement of science and technology in the modern era there are many fastest trains which can travel more than 350 Miles per hour or even more than that. Most of them use Maglev technology which helps them get this much fast speeds.There are other kinds of metro trains too which are now gaining a lot of popularity among growing nations as an intercity fastest way of transportation. Metro trains are designed for small route so they are not that fast. Let’s have a look at the really fastest trains in the World.
 10. ICE V

 ICE V also known as Inter City Experimental Train which was first started in 1988 to interlink European states for the ease of transportation. The ICE V has two passenger locomotives with it and it has the high speeds of 282.8mph (406.9kph) and thus for the very first time in history made the record of the fastest train in the world on May 1st 1988. The train is 372 feet long and can travel 350kph for more passenger locomotives too.
9. Transrapid 06

 Transrapid 06 is a German based train service which works on Maglev technology. This is really awesome built by scientist. In this form train do not directly run on the rails thus reducing friction to its minimum and it speed up due to the magnetic attraction only. It is smoother and quieter than other trains. The train speeds up to 256.4 mph (412kph).
8. Aerotrain

 Aerotrain by France engineers is really an artistic work of them. They worked out a frame work to run the train and make a fastest speed train that runs with air. A special track was designed and it has had a whooping speed of 267.3 mph (430kph). Massive jet engines were used to provide the required air pressure to keep the train moving that fast.
7. MLU002N

 The MLU002N train is not a passenger train; it’s a Japanese test train who achieved the great speed of 267.8mph in a test drive in 1994. The cutely designed awesome train uses combination of aerodynamics brakes and maglev braking system to slow down near stations from such a high speed of 431kph. It is really helpful in creating new yet advanced trains like that for passengers too.
6. Shinkansen

 Shinkansen train was built by Japan Railways Group and it is the bullet train. Apart from the new technology and such fastest speed tracks, this train is capable of getting more speeds even on rail tracks. It run on rail tracks and has a speed of 275mph
5. Transrapid 07

 Transrapid system implemented in Germany is the biggest network of fastest moving trains with the extreme use of the new technology. The idea is great and the train did hit a high speed of 279.6 mph at a test drive. It is a bit costly as the highway tracks for this transrapid system takes long construction time and costs.
4. Transrapid 08

 The beautifully designed sleek look of the Transrapid 08 train by China with high speed of 311.3 mph and it was the first train to cross 300mph speed limit which is an achievement for the design engineers. The speed of 500kph is extremely great and you will love to travel.
3. ML-500R

 ML-500R train is one of the oldest experimentation of engineers to get the fastest train and you will really be surprised to see that such an old Maglev train was able to achieve such a high speed of 321 mph and more surprisingly.It was really a milestone for the people working on the fast track trains. Indeed it broke all previous records.
2. TGV

 TGV is another great train made by French technicians. They did such a successful experiment to make the TGV train which has wheels and runs on normal and conventional train tracks but speed of more than any other maglev train. The train got the high speed of 357mph.
1. MLX01

 MLX01 made by Japanese is No.1 train in the world. MLX01 works on maglev technology The train is able to achieve highest speed of 361 mph which is 581kph. The train consisted of three cars and was run by man the first time it was drove and got such a record breaking speed of 361 mph..



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