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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Top 10 Most Beautiful Buildings in The World

World is a beautiful place with a lot of beautiful places. There are many natural places with endless beauty but also there are some master pieces made by man. With the help of modern technology, human are able to create awesome building, bridges, dams etc. In the following there is list of top 10 beautiful buildings to watch,

10. TWA FLIGHT CENTER, John F. Kennedy Airport, Queens, New York, US

This building was made by Eero Saarinen, a totally cool airport terminal. This place is a representative of the modernization of American Air Travel.

9.  Wiblingen Abbey Library, Ulm, Badem-Wurttemberg Province, Germany

Wiblingen Abbey Library is a total beauty.  It is mixture of art and engineering. It’s in the category of Grandeur and Luxury of Rococo art style.

8.  Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Honshu Island, Japan

This building is like gold-colored leaves around a building, surrounded by a water pool. This building provides a really peaceful affect.

7.   Jantar Mantar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

 This is a piece of art from 17th century which played quite an important role in predicting enormous and meteorological events in the area. It also has a sun clock.

6.  30 St. Mary Axe, London, United Kingdom

St. Mary Axe looks like a missile also called the Gherkin This skyscraper is situated in the City of London, England and people who are afraid of heights, this is surely not for you guys to visit.

5.  Opera de Arame, Curitiba, Parama, Brazil

Opera de Arame is surrounded by steel poles very transparent. This theater has been the venue of many important events of the country.

4. Majolica House, wina, Austra

 This building is kind of strange, striking and totally amazing. Designed by Otto Wagner, Majolica House it is one of the masterpieces from the Art Nouveau movement.

3. Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

 Thousands of diamonds and rubies have made this building such a beauty! It is made of gold and is one of the expensive buildings in the world. It looks like a shining mirror from far.

2.  Hoover Dam, Black Canyon, Colorado River, US

Hoover dam is located between the state of Arizona and Nevada, a miracle of modern architecture. It is one of the biggest dams in the world.

1.  Mequita de Cardoba, Kardoba, Spain

A real maasterpiece. This building was made my Muslims when they were rulers of Spain. It was constructed 200 years ago. When Christians came to rule they change it in to a cathedral. It is made of old pinto colors, dazzling mosaics and rows of endless made of onyx and marble



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