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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Top 10 Military Technologies that Changed History

The history of war is very ancient and starts from the beginning of the human race. Winning is wish of every human in world. People use different tactics, weapons and strategies in war. Weapons technology plays an important role in war. Dangerous weapons are always a good and helpful thing to win a war. In the following, there is a list of top 10 technologies which change the history of war,

1. Gunpowder

Gunpowder was invented by Chinese in 800 A.D. It was accidently created. After which Chinese kept it as secret for almost 400 years. In that time they created a lot of weapons related to gunpowder. But after that their secret is revealed and gunpowder spread across the globe to every continent. Till today it is used in almost every latest weapon in world

2. Rifled Barrels

It is true that gunpowder revolutionized warfare until the 1800s it was extremely difficult to have high accuracy and range with this type of weaponry. The smooth barrels of the guns determined a semi-random trajectory for long and medium distances. However, the introduction of the rifle gave the bullet a rotational movement.

3. Tanks

Tank was invented in mid 19th century in the Europe. In the World War 1 tanks were use mainly for the first time. A tank is a tracked, armored fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat which combines operational mobility and tactical offensive and defensive capabilities. Firepower is normally provided by a large-caliber main gun in a rotating turret and secondary machine guns. Now tank is an necessary part of every big army in the world.

4. Trucks

Trucks were widely used in the Second World War, which played an important role. Trucks help in moving of soldiers across the war zone, also used to for ammo and food supply for the soldiers. When the introduction of the internal combustion engine permitted the rapid relocation of heavy artillery, tanks and planes, but also constituted the advent of ballistic missiles.

5. Planes

Before plane was invented all the battle will be fought on land or sea, but before World War plane was invented and for the first time in history the Italians utilized planes in their war against Turkey not only to take high altitude photographs of the strategic positions occupied by the enemy but also to bomb them. However, these planes were relatively slow and the Second World War was the point when airplanes really proved their value in combat.

6. Radio Communications

Communication was always a big problem in history of war. Initially, pigeons and raven were used for the purpose of communication with in the army during the wars at war places. But when radio was invented this was a big revolution in history of war. Due to which communication problem was solved. The initial radio was in fact a wireless telegraph developed by the navy, but the main issue was that the communications were always at risk of being intercepted by the enemy. The short wave radio was first used by the Germans in WW II as a method to coordinate the air fleet with the infantry and the tanks.

7. Radar

For a long time the only way an army could become aware of the enemies presence in a certain territory implied having a designated soldier hidden in strategic positions that would immediately call headquarters in case he saw troop movement. However, this old and slow system was replaced by radar and the first country to use this system was England, back in 1939. The principle behind the radar comprises of bouncing microwaves on different solid objects and returning the signal to the transmitter, therefore determining the position of airplanes, ships, torpedoes, etc.

8. Nuclear Weapons

The already famous Little Boy and Fat Man nuclear bombs that were dropped on the Japanese territory by the US in WW2 have shown us that the scientists were finally able to come up with the weapon so terrible that can act as the ideal scarecrow. In essence, they aimed to develop a tool that was able to scare the enemy into surrendering even before it is used.

9. Satellites

The first original satellites were launched during the infamous Cold War between the US and the Russians, because both powers were already equipped with nuclear weapons and they both had to track its adversary’s actions. Essentially, the satellite became the perfect reconnaissance tool and it has been constantly optimized and improved over the years.

10. GPS

Nowadays, almost everyone has a personal GPS on the Smartphone, tablet and even on the watch. The GPS technology was originally developed for military purposes in the early 90’s by the United States. GPS is not only  able to track the navigation of your own troops, but the triangulation capacities have allowed planes to maximize the accuracy of their air strikes and bombing runs.



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