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Friday, 16 November 2012

Top 10 Best Teenage Girls Hairstyles in 2012

Every lady wants to be look beautiful. There are many types of fashions that women do like clothing, make up, footwear etc. Hair style is also one of the fashions that ladies do all over the world. Some have long hair, some have short, some are blondes and some have black hairs. In the following there is list of top 10 teenage girls Hair Styles of 2012,

10. Side Brushed Curls

You can also get brushed-out curl with large effect by using barrel rollers that would naturally fall over your shoulders. The top section must be left straight as it is in order to create that unique look, making you a standout in the crowd without being too loud.

 9. Side Braid

For getting this style all you have to do is to wear a braid on either the middle back or one side of the hair and letting it loose on either the left or right side of your head. Since one part of the hair is hanging loose, keeping your bangs as loosely should not be a problem.

 8. Side Ponytails

Another smooth hair style, where you need to have a twisted ponytail and start pinning small sections at the back of your hair. After that you could also put on a decorative decoration if you want this style for a night out.

 7. Long Layered Multi-Tone Chic Hairstyle

It can be seen that the side part has darker brown style while the swept bangs has a blend of red lights or a combination of two tone colors to make it stunning.

 6. Short Semi Shaggy Hairstyle

This kind of hairstyle is described as having more length in front while having shorter pieces at the back. It is good for the any teenager who is always on the go, because you can still look good even though your hair looks messy.

 5. Short Crops

This is firmly a part of the short straight casual hairstyles wherein it has sliced razor cuts that varies from the top heavy one length look with short layers or short crops while going down.

 4. Short Bob Cut

The ends or hair tips are textures, which became one of the trend last 2011, being a part of the hair styles that is sported for this year. It can easily be distinguished with a straight cut that ends on the highest part of the neck connecting the jawbone.

 3. Medium Bob Trend

The medium bob cut has the same body and look of the short bob cut except for its length, which can be seen where the hair strands end on the lowest part of the neck, connecting to the shoulders.

 2. Long Sleek Layered Style

Layered haircuts are considered as wild and statement styles as it can be described as such because of the varying lengths of strands. Long types can be observed as strands stay lower than the shoulder but not exceeding down the chest.  

 1. Curly Sexy Layered Style

The curly hair style is sexy for most women, whether it is in body shape or hairstyle. Curly sexy layered styles are just like long sleek ones, except for the fact that the hair is curled loosely to bring out that hot and dashing look.



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